Bloomfield Professional Cleaning Service

Bloomfield Janitorial Services

P&J Cleaning Services offers professional janitorial service to our Bloomfield clients for a broad range of projects, including highly specialized projects such as post-construction cleanup and corporate office cleaning. When you need a cleaning that goes above and beyond and provides solutions to difficult challenges, give us a call. There’s no project too big or too small for our cleaning professionals.


Bloomfield Construction Cleanup

Post-construction cleanup is a difficult task, but incredibly important to the completion of a construction project. Not only are construction sites among the dirtiest places, but they can have hazardous materials and debris that require special care and handling. We specialize in construction cleanup work and can guarantee a site that is stunning to look at, and safe for the future occupants. Our crews are provided with thorough training on state and federal health codes and laws to ensure the safety and cleanliness of the site.


Bloomfield Office Cleaning

Offices big and small require specialized care to keep them both clean looking, and healthy for your staff, customers, and guests. It is important that an office building not only gives off a great first impression by looking spotless but also be a place that promotes the health and happiness of the people who spend every day working in them. Our superior methods and products create an appealing environment that discourages the spread of germs, allergens, and bacteria.


Commercial Janitorial Service

We provide our commercial clients with a broad range of commercial cleaning and maintenance plans that can keep their business appealing for their customers at all times. Whether daily, weekly, or monthly service is needed, we can provide an expert staff to clean and maintain your commercial property to a standard that will impress your customers.


Whatever professional cleaning service you need, we have a solution for you. Our commitment to providing our clients with the highest quality Bloomfield cleaning and janitorial services has earned us a reputation as the premier cleaning provider, and we are proud to continue growing our base of satisfied clients. Give us a call today and enjoy the best cleaning service offered across the state.

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