Common Commercial Snow Removal Mistakes & How To Avoid Them

Snow is inevitable in Hartford, CT, during winters, but this doesn’t mean that you don’t have to manage your property. Owning and operating a property has never been so easy, and it becomes much more difficult during winters. Snow is tough to predict, and you can’t plan to prepare your property for snow. This makes commercial snow removal Hartford CT services necessary for business owners to continue without interruption. It could be hazardous if you think you can do it yourself. It is even more dangerous if you choose the wrong company just to save a few bugs. Slippery walkways can hurt the users, and the use of inappropriate melting agents could harm the hardscape features of your property.

Therefore, P and J Cleaning Service has listed some common commercial snow removal mistakes and steps to avoid them. These steps can help you, and your commercial tenants remain open and safely welcome the visitors even in the bad weather.

  • Snow Pile-up: Allowing snow to pile up along the parking lot, sidewalks and entryways can cause a risky situation that could be bad for businesses. Commercial space managers commonly focus on snow removal from the main entry and parking lots, but they forget other critical areas. These areas include warehouse entries and side doors that can also cause accidents on your premises. A single incident of slipping and falling can bring in several problems to deal with, from paying medical bills to reimbursing for the ongoing health issues of the sufferer. You need to seriously plan things and address all entry areas continuously so that business operations can continue without the additional stress of potential loss of income.
  • Use of Wong equipment: You may be thinking to skimp on a snow removal budget. It could cost you more in the long run. Shoveling the sidewalks and entryways by yourself can cause torn muscles, back injuries, and even heart problems. During the festive season or maybe on weekends when you need to have snow removed quickly and efficiently for your clients to continue their business operations, you can’t take the risk by hiring unreliable snow removing contractor who doesn’t show up on time or use a snowblower that can break down any moment.
  • Failure To Plan In Advance: Being caught off guard when the snow hits your commercial space can be terrifying. Snowstorms rarely happen in Hartford, and they never happen without warning. Failure to plan ahead of snow removal and management can get you into a big problem as you are left scrambling to handle issues at multiple properties at once.

Commercial Snow Removal Solutions

It would be the best solution to find out the different needs of your commercial space for snow removal before it snows. Choose a West Hartford snow removal company with the right equipment for the jobs. You need a service provider that can get the job done quickly and efficiently so that your clients only have to worry about their business and not snow.

The professional snow removal companies communicate with you ahead of a storm; clearly outline their plan for your property and how they plan to keep your premises clear of ice and snow. Always search for a snow removal service attuned to your needs and create a contract that reflects your budget.

How Can P and J help?

P and J Cleaning Service has been helping the residents of Hartford by providing commercial space owners with snow removal services for more than 15 years. We have specialized equipment and skill set to get the job done right at the price you can afford, from driveways to sidewalks, parking lots, and walkways. Whether it’s a regular visit or hiring us for a last-minute emergency snow removal job, you will always find us at your side to take care of all snow-related problems you have to face every winter season.

We also provide snow removal from roofs to reduce the risk of structural damage due to the weight. Our common snow removal services include driveway, parking, parking lots, walkway, deck, and roof cleaning. Snow removal costs may vary depending on the size of the area to be services and snow accumulation. We give our customers two payment options. Whether they can pay per visit or they can also pay per season.


  • 2” to 8” $70.00 (per visit)
  • 8.1” to 1 foot $95.00 (per visit)
  • 1.1 foot to 1.5 foot $125.00 (per visit)

In case of storms or snow accumulation is higher than 1.5 f., we charge $135.00 per man per hour for a visit. An extra charge per visit of $45 will be charged if you request the spreading of salt/sand.

Please fill our request with a custom quote form for a custom quote or seasonal quotes. Feel free to contact us to get a quick quote below or more information on the snow removal services! We are looking forward to serving you this winter season and beyond!

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