Different Shag Rugs Cleaning Methods: Which One Is The Best?

Soft, fluffy yet elegant, there is no doubt that shag rugs are so popular these days. Getting one for your living room or bedroom is just as it will bring a cozy feeling with it. This stylish rug enhances the whole look and feel of the room. While walking on its deep pile, it would definitely give real pleasure to your feet. However, their fluffy design makes them difficult to clean. They are much longer than most other types of rugs or carpets, and even their fibers are cut longer to provide the desired “fluffy effect.” This makes it easier for dirt and dust to trap inside the fibers. If you have kids and pets at your home, the chances are high that your shag rugs will get dirty very soon.

To keep your fluffy shag rugs looking at their best, you have to get them cleaned by CT carpet cleaners. Hiring professionals is necessary if you want to ensure that your rug is properly cleaned. Moreover, if it is badly stained, you cannot clean it by yourself. Stains cannot be removed just by a simple washing technique.  Hire professionals for shag cleaning as they special chemical compounds that remove every stain, new or old.

You can easily recognize a shaggy rug as it has long and fluffy fibers. Earlier, they were constructed from wool, but nowadays, various materials are used to diversify them. In addition to wool, you may find them in synthetic and leather constructions as well. However, rugs made using wool are original shag rugs and can be found in different colorful designs. You may need the help of CT carpet cleaning companies to get them properly cleaned. There are so many benefits of getting these types of rugs. These include:

  •         They can brighten up interior décor or any room.
  •         They provide comfort to your feet because of their fluffy material.
  •         They will keep you warm when the temperature drops.
  •         They can last for several years if they are made from natural materials.

Some people find them high-maintenance, which is the biggest disadvantage. Because of their construction, dust particles, dust mites, and other allergens get easily trapped into the fibers. This can be hazardous for people who are sensitive to allergens. It could be dangerous for kids as well. If there is continuous foot traffic inside your house, especially in the area where the rug has been placed, it could lead to shedding, especially newly installed shag rugs and carpets. Even though this is temporary, it could still be annoying.

Professional Carpet Cleaners: Perfect Solution to Maintain Your Shag Rugs

There are several treatments that you could give to your shag rug to keep it clean or dust-free. Shake it daily so that it can remove dust and debris. Moreover, regular shaking can prevent grime from accumulating into the fibers. You can also vacuum once or twice a week, but because they have a long pile, you have to take care of a few things like:

  •         You have to leave the beater bar on and ensure using the highest volume.
  •         You have to vacuum both sides of the shag rug. This will help eliminate all grime.
  •         To provide extra grooming, you have to get a rake or upholstery vacuuming attachment. You can clean your shag rug with these attachments only if the rug’s label instructions allow it.

Some people may suggest you shampoo your rug once a month. For this, you have to recheck the label to see if your rug can tolerate moisture or dry cleaning is the only way to clean your shag rug. If there is no label present, then you must check on the manufacturer’s website and find out how they suggest cleaning their rugs.

But giving a professional deep cleaning to your shag rug is the best you do for your shag rug. Spills do happen no matter how careful you are. But the spills could turn into a nightmare because its long fibers can easily absorb liquid and that too very quickly. If that has happened many times such that you feel like giving it a more thorough cleaning, in that case, you must go for professional carpet cleaning services. They choose the safest method or technique to give your rug the deep spring clean that it needs every now and again.

Steam Cleaning is a quick and simple process of carpet or rug cleaning. It offers excellent results. If you think your rug is in a very bad condition, you must deep clean it yourself or with professionals’ help. Once it is cleaned, you can rejuvenate and freshen your rug by killing dust mites and any lurking allergens.

Professionals perform deep cleaning using chemical compounds that are safe for your rug fibers. They avoid using compounds that are harsh on any fiber. Chemical cleaning removes the stain, kills the bacteria or viruses present inside the spaces, and takes out dust completely. Professionals know what kind of rug needs what kind of treatment. Therefore, you must consider choosing professional help for carpet cleaning or rug cleaning. You can also choose them for upholstery cleaning. 

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