Different Types of Commercial Cleaning Services

  •  January 3, 2022

Different Types of Commercial Cleaning Services

Every company deserves a one-of-a-kind cleaning experience. Each structure has its plan and construction materials, necessitating a particular strategy. Is your commercial cleaning service able to supply you with all of the services you require to keep your building clean? Or do you consistently receive the same level of service?

At P and J Cleaning Services, we provide a wide range of commercial cleaning services such as post-construction cleaning service, deep cleaning service, and snow cleaning service

Carpet Cleaning

Carpets can be found in many modern offices. They provide an excellent sound dampening effect, allowing individuals working below your office to focus on their work without being distracted by your music, meetings, or rolling chairs across the floor. Carpets may soften a room’s appearance while also providing a more comfortable walking surface for employees who may be standing for long periods.

Traditional carpet cleaners leave a residue that shortens the life of a carpet and causes fibers to break down more quickly. Cleaners use eco-friendly solutions that don’t break down fibers while providing a thorough cleaning of your carpets.

P And J provide a high-quality carpet cleaning service that removes dust, mites, and other airborne irritants from your carpet.

Snow Removal

Walking through a winter wonderland may sound beautiful, but dealing with snowfall as an adult may be painful. The days of seeing snowfall, donning your snow boots, and dashing outside to play are long gone. A blizzard these days entails shoveling, snow blowing, and salting, not to mention sweating while doing so in the bitter cold. We have a solution for snow removal difficulties that occur late at night and early in the morning, i.e. snow cleaning. When you hire a Tasker, it’s simple!

If you’re not sure how Taskers can help, consider your snow removal requirements: clearing sidewalks, porches, and driveways, to mention a few. Taskers can help with everything from plowing your mile-long driveway to roof snow removal and roof maintenance.

Emergency Cleaning

Everyone faces an emergency at some point in their life. There’s a good chance that an emergency will occur in your facility at some point. A flood, a rumbling earthquake, or a tornado are all emergencies. Troubles are notorious for causing havoc. You might return to work the next day to find water damage on your carpet or graffiti on your office space because a vandal shattered your window and spray-painted it.

Regardless of the nature of your emergency, P and J business cleaning services can handle the post-emergency cleanup. Water mitigation, bad weather-related events, occupant accidents, and vandalism are all things we deal with.

Glass Cleaning

It’s lovely to work in a glass office. It can be incredibly satisfying to look out your office window, especially if you have a spectacular view. That is, until the office intern repeatedly opens the glass door, leaving greasy fingerprints on it. Or your coworker ordered pizza for lunch, and everyone touched your office door with their greasy palms.

Glass cleaning services are available at P and J and will have your workplace view free of fingerprints in no time. Until the next time we’re needed, our glass cleaners are meticulous and specialists at providing a streak-free surface for you to enjoy.

Cleaning in a Safe Environment

Like any business structure, government facilities get dirty even after cleaning multiple times. Unfortunately, finding a commercial cleaning service with dependable cleaners that will complete the work and can be trusted with potentially sensitive information is hard to find.

P and J offer a safe business cleaning service. We have a team that has gone through extensive background checks to comply with federal regulations. Employees are even up to date on their clearance status.

Our high-security cleaning service also includes green cleaning, carpet cleaning, dusting, and sanitization to ensure that your employees have a pleasant working environment.

Cleaning After Construction

Renovations are an exciting experience. Your facility is undergoing a makeover, or new interior design work is still going on. Our staff can help you in every difficult situation with our cleaning services.

Unfortunately, additional work will be done once the construction workers have left before your building is entirely presentable again. Using a post-construction business cleaning service is an excellent approach to restore the luster of any surfaces that have become dusty throughout the construction process.

Dust gets everywhere, as anyone who has lived in a house under construction knows. When saws are flying and wood is being chopped, tiny dust particles can stay in the air for a long time, irritating the airways and producing a lot of sneezing.

You’ll get your business up and running faster if you utilize a post-construction commercial cleaning service. In no time, your building will be ready again.

Finally! Obtain the Clean You Require

Each structure and situation is distinct. P and J have the exemplary business cleaning service for you, whether you’ve just been vandalized, had renovations, had flood damage, or need a great clean for glass, carpet, or in a secure building. All of our cleaning assistance can be tailored to meet the specific needs of you and your renters.