Facts Behind Common DIY Cleaning Hacks!

  •  June 8, 2022

Facts Behind Common DIY Cleaning Hacks!

The Internet is a crazy thing. You can find anything on the internet. Try typing cleaning service west Hartford ct in the search bar, and as soon as you click, your device will be flooded with information about cleaning services nearby you, cleaning equipment, and even cleaning hacks.

The DIY-Culture

You know, we live in a world where people love experimenting. Whether they experiment with a new bob hairstyle or a DIY- hack, it has become a popular culture to try doing things all by yourself. One thing that makes it possible is the internet. Almost anyone can try a hack suggested by someone living in another part of the world. Earlier, you needed to flip the pages of at least three books before you could apply the knowledge. But today, everything is on your device at the tap of your fingertips. It seems good, isn’t it?

The swipe and scroll culture is good. You can learn your favorite musical instrument while enjoying your coffee, and your tutor may not even know. Interesting! But, technology is like a coin. It is a boon and a curse. A curse may sound like an exaggeration, but you can try replacing it with another more sophisticated word. Anyways, coming back to cleaning. There are many sorts of DIYs available– some may help, but others may make you ask for help. Read on to know more!

Conventional can be better than DIY

One of the things about DIYs is information overload. And, when you have more than you require, the brain stops functioning and goes to the most lucrative option. To understand, try googling the latest cleaning trends 2022; you’ll be amazed by the list. In all, five to six trends top the charts. Among these, can you guess which trend tops the list?

Sustainable or Green Cleaning! The reason is simple: the debates around climate change are finally picking up the pace, and the cleaning trend is not untouched by the dynamics of humankind. The stark shift to green cleaning may not happen instantly, and it will take some time. And using natural or home-based DIY hacks is a great eco-friendly option. But are we concluding too quickly?

Here’s the reality– using home-based ingredients for cleaning purposes is a fantastic idea. But, half knowledge is always dangerous. Take the case of lemon, for example. Classified as a cure to all cleaning problems, lemon can be an unfriendly friend to your brass plated bowls. Definitely, lemons are not a cure for everything. Let’s go deeper as we try to debunk and reconceptualize a few cleaning hacks.

DIY-1 Coca Cola as a toilet cleaner

Yes, the most hyped DIY ingredient is Coca-Cola. Pour some cola in your toilet, flush it down after a couple of hours, and you’re all set with toilet cleaning. So easy!

But here’s the reality – The cola hack holds a fifty percent success rate. Cola’s acidic property could have made it one of the best toilet cleaners, only if it could eliminate its extra sticky nature. Instead of cola, you can spend a few bucks on actual cleaner.

DIY-2 Baking Soda and Vinegar, the ultimate cleaning solution

Vinegar and baking soda are great cleaning agents. Vinegar is suitable for cleaning washing machines, refrigerators, toilet bowls, dishwashers, etc. Whereas baking soda can clean stuffed toys, deodorize your carpets, and remove sweat stains, the list is extensive. However, mixing vinegar and baking soda is not the ultimate solution because one is acidic and the other is basic, which may not suit a few cleaning purposes like carpet cleaning.

DIY-3 Hairspray for removing ink

Surprisingly, hairsprays worked effectively on ink stains one time because they were made with 100% alcohol. Today, the percentage of alcohol has been reduced, indicating it will no longer remove your kid’s artwork.

DIY-4 Pour white wine on stains left by red wine

Did you host a party at your home last weekend? You and your attendees enjoyed dancing and drinks. But, oops! Someone spilled red wine on your precious carpet. Instead of taking the help of professional carpet cleaning services, you quickly googled down the thing. And here you got, white wine to your list of carpet cleaning essentials. 

Well, white wine contains a higher percentage of alcohol, which helps it clean the red wine stains. But the experts will clean your carpet thoroughly, making it look new.

DIY-5 Kill bacteria by microwaving sponges

With no surprise, heat does kill bacteria. The sponges at your home are filled with bacteria, and using unclean sponges on your utensils, is like inviting bacteria into your stomach. You can try replacing them, and if you don’t, you will look on the internet for options. Then someone suggests putting sponges in microwaves, and you are already with the task. 

STOP! Putting sponges in microwaves may cause a fire. It is hazardous to your safety as well as your family.


Using DIY hacks without careful research and knowledge, using DIY hacks may ruin your furniture upholstery, carpet, floor, and utensils and even cause an accident. Therefore, reasonably utilizing the internet is always important. Try P and J’s services if you need help with upholstery cleaning and carpet cleaning.