Find Out The Different Phases Of Post-Construction Cleaning!

Many people assume that cleaning is an act after occupants settle. That’s the reason whenever the construction of a newly built or remodeled building is complete; people rush to settle inside. While it depends on your choice, we would still like to introduce you to the art and science of post-construction cleaning in three phases.

Need for Post-construction Cleaning Services

The construction of a building or house lasts for a while. After the building or remodeling, it is time for cleaning. Yes, DIYs can work but will never suffice professional standards. Hiring a professional like Construction Cleaning Companies Hartford CT will save your precious time by getting your place all set for your arrival. Professional cleaning companies have experience in post-construction clean-ups to give your site a dust-free look. They are experts in tackling dust and dirt from almost all horizontal surfaces. Sounds a lot simple? Here’s why it’s not!

Construction involves a lot of new fixes. So, to keep your place away from dangers, let the professionals do a thorough clean-up. They will pick up the nails and screws and leftover wood and reach the unreachable areas to clear any possible hindrance. A professional service will go beyond regular sweeping and vacuuming to clean every inch of the construction area. We hope you’re ready to go through three different phases of post-construction cleaning.

Phases Of Post-Construction Cleaning

After completion of construction, the best part is the turning over of keys. It is a moment of ultimate excitement for many. In this joy, you may forget about the last-minute cleaning requirements of the building. Before your excitement fades amid the pieces of screws and papers, let experts do the last-minute job for you. The cleaning will be done in the following three phases:


The first cleaning phase starts after all other necessary installations like electric works, framing, and plumbing are done. It begins with removing large items like trash, leftovers, and other non-vacuumable things. Even the stickers from windows and doors are removed in this phase. At last, sweeping or vacuuming will follow.


It is the most crucial stage in all three phases as most of the cleaning work, tools, and equipment are required in this phase. Special attention is given to purposeful rooms like kitchens and restrooms to provide top-to-bottom clean-up. It involves thoroughly cleaning windows, cabinets, sinks, and toilets. It is a unique phase, as professionals have to reach the inner-most surfaces like air ducts. Other stages may still not require the expert eye as per many; however, this phase is one such where everyone agrees with experts.


After Phase 1 and 2, almost all the work is done. Now it is time for the final touch-up. After a few days of phase 2, the last phase is carried out to let all the dust and dirt settle in for a final brush-off. All the fingerprints, smudges, marks, and other imperfections will undergo cleaning here.

Overall, Post-Construction May Take A Few Days

Post-construction cleaning needs as much attention and effort as the construction of the building requires. It may take a couple of days before the place gets a final statement call. Hence, hiring a professional cleaning service will take some load off your shoulders. Sometimes, construction contractors may also provide clean-up services; however, it is rare. But, it does not mean skipping this clean-up or relying on DIY tactics will help you, so choose wisely. The outer surfaces may be easy to clean, but hidden inner surfaces may give you a severe headache. It may also pose a threat to the health and safety of occupants, so ensure proper clean-up for the building.

Importance Of Hiring Professional Cleaners

Even after this, there may be clouds of skepticism looming over your head. There may be a million reasons for selecting and not selecting any service. So, we will give you some important reasons why you must choose professional services:

  • A professional team will ensure the utmost safety for occupants by leaving no nails here and there.
  • You can expect professional results with proper skills and equipment, i.e., no un-removed stickers, dust, or paint spatters.
  • Years of experience and training will take the cleaning team to even those spots which an ordinary occupant may not be able to reach.
  • A thorough cleaning will make the entire facility ready for move-in.

Key Takeaway!

Post-construction cleaning will cover all areas such as the kitchen, restrooms, elevators, utility rooms, and storage rooms. If you have successfully made up your mind about opting for post-construction clean-up, search P and J Cleaning as we are the best in the market. Except for post-construction clean-up, we offer other services like Commercial Cleaning Services In CT. so, no matter which cleaning service you require, we are here to provide you with that. We ensure that proper standards are met as the client’s satisfaction means a lot to us. Now, look no further and check out our website!

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