How Has Covid Changed The Cleaning Trends?

Covid has impacted the overall outlook of the world by changing our everyday habits from home to office. With new variants coming every six months, maintaining proper hygiene has become essential. This virus trend has changed the way people clean, eat, work and sleep. With many global changes, the home cleaning service industry expects to rise by 10 billion dollars by 2026. Nevertheless, the trends also show a spark rise in making efficient electronic gadgets for the people who like to devote their time to cleaning. Before dwelling too much on house cleaning services in Hartford ct, let’s see why cleaning is necessary today.

Why Is Cleaning Your House And Apartment Essential?

People hardly have enough time to eat and sleep properly in the everyday hustle and bustle. Cleaning a house or apartment thus becomes a secondary choice. But, leaving your sweet home in the hands of dirt and dust for too long will make you and your family prone to colds, infections, and viruses.

Hence, Cleaning  Must Be A Priority Because Of The Following Reasons-

  • It is a precautionary measure in keeping you healthy.
  • A tidy and clean house always makes a good impression on guests.
  • Regularly cleaning your house will de-stress you of pending household chores.
  • It helps organize things better, making it hard for you to misplace things.
  • Leaving your home in the lap of dust makes it age faster, just like human skin. You will have to put a lot of time and effort again to make it look good. So opt for cleaning.

Why Is A Clean Workplace Important?

A tidy house is good, but what about your workplace? During covid, several workers and companies opted for work from home; however, things are coming back to normal, and so are germs. Cleaning your workspace is not only your job but also ensuring your employees’ safety is also essential because a clean environment promotes better productivity in workers.

Here Are A Few Reasons Why A Clean Workplace Is Suitable For Your Business-

  • Catching the attention of your future employees and potential clients is just a step away, with clean conference rooms, tables, and floors. It’s not just a quote that the first impression is the last, it is indeed the only impression, image, or picture your future employees or potential customers will have of your company.
  • It keeps current workers happy and productive.
  • A clean and sanitized workplace elevates your brand image as one that values its employees’ health.
  • Clean working environments depict your company’s professional image.

Few Tips To Help You In Getting A Clean House And Workplace

The basic cleaning principle is to tidy up a place regularly and avoid cluttering. We often neglect how regular cleaning impacts our surroundings with even lesser efforts the next day. Here are a few tips to keep your place dust-free and organized:

  • Kitchen: wipe sinks off with an all-purpose cleaner and sponges regularly to get rid of food particles and bacteria
  • Bathroom: do not let the toilet stink to make you pick up a cleaner. Bathroom cleaning is a challenging task, but doing it right can make it as easy as picking up your hair left after a morning bath. 
  • Desk: a healthy mind, lives in a tidy place. All in all, de-clutter your desk more often before it starts giving you unrecognizable headaches.
  • Floor: it must be cleaned regularly without leaving a day for dust particles to accumulate on the surface. If you have a lovely carpet on the floor, make sure to clean it at least once a week.

Professional Services

Cleaning a house or workspace is not an easy job. And, with lesser time and lesser staff, both residential and commercial places are struggling for better cleanliness. In such cases, maintaining a proper clean place for your health comes at a risk. However, with changing trends, the demand for professional cleaning services has also risen. The benefits include a variety of cleaning like residential cleaning, post-construction cleaning, office cleaning, to name a few. In winters, snow creates transmission harder, but a call to snow removal cleaning services can remove the extra snow in no time.

Here Are The Benefits Of Using A Professional Cleaning Service:

  • Customizable services
  • In-home consultations
  • Professional employees
  • Quality equipment
  • Flexible scheduling
  • Emergency response services

So, getting a tidy place for your family and business is easy. You need to choose a licensed and insured cleaning service provider. One more thing to keep in mind is the products the service provider uses for cleaning to have no harmful effect on the health of end-users. 


Cleaning and proper sanitization are just one step away. These services are suitable for senior people and those working hard to make a living. It also benefits businesses by ensuring a safe environment for their workers. P and J provide effective cleaning services with customizable schedules and plans. Get more information about professional cleaning services at our website.

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