How Steam Cleaning Is The Best Way To Keep Your Carpets Clean?

  •  May 10, 2021

How Steam Cleaning Is The Best Way To Keep Your Carpets Clean?

When carpet at your home needs a deep cleaning, which cleaning technique would you prefer? Two popular types of carpet cleaning are dry cleaning and steam cleaning. Being a reputable carpet cleaning hartford company, we have discussed the pros and cons of both in this blog. Also, we will share the reasons why steam cleaning is a much better option when you want to have spotless, shining, and odor-free carpets.



 A dry cleaning solution is sometimes called a very low moisture technique of carpet cleaning that is different from the typical vacuum cleaner. Dry cleaning offers deep cleaning of carpets. Experts supplement your carpet with cleaning agents to pre-treat fibers so that dirt attached to the carpet fibers breaks down before the actual machine cleaning. Cleaning compounds are rubbed onto the carpet. These are later removed during cleaning along with oil, dirt, and other sediments. These particles get loose when cleansers are embedded, giving protection to your carpet fibers to prevent future stains.

Dry cleaning is suitable for only residential carpets, especially when someone is looking for spot treatment or when you cannot limit traffic on your carpets. They are a bit cheaper as compared to steam cleaning as they use less moisture and have a faster dry time. You can start using the treated carpets just 30 minutes to one hour after treatment is complete.


Dry carpet cleaning systems work well, but when you think your carpet needs deep rejuvenation, it is not powerful enough to revitalize and disinfect a carpet. In this cleaning system, chemicals are injected into the carpet to leave residue on carpet fibers or even scents that can trigger allergies in some homeowners. This is important to consider, especially if you have babies or toddlers at your home who spend maximum time on the carpet.

Furthermore, residue buildup can actually reduce the lifespan of your carpet over time. Such carpets attract dust like anything as compared to untreated and regularly vacuumed carpets. So, just like any other technique, Dry Carpet Cleaning definitely has some cons as well, which cannot be neglected.


For those who struggle with sensitivities or allergies to scents, steam cleaning is the method to deep clean or spot clean carpets in the home. It is one of the most popular carpet cleaning methods as it involves a hot-water extraction process that is much beneficial as compared to other treatments. It is one of the effective ways to protect your carpets and extend their lifespan. It is also ideal for commercial carpet cleaning; making it a perfect option for those concerned about hygiene. Apart from keeping your carpets clean, this technique will leave your home looking brighter and more inviting. Let’s discuss some of the benefits of choosing steam carpet cleaning.

It Helps You Save Money: Re-carpeting your home or office is an expensive affair. The cost of carpet, along with labor and installation, will cost you so much that you have to make a separate budget for it. And if you move your furniture, then you need to replace it which will cost you extra. That’s why it is best to keep your carpet in good condition, extend its lifespan as long as you can using the carpet cleaning techniques. Steam cleaning will make your carpets look bright and fresh. If you frequently steam clean your carpets, then they will stain less, smell better, and look fresher. They will always look new as there will be no soil buildup. When you buy carpet, you will find tags with a special mention- steam cleaning only. Manufacturers also suggest steam cleaning as the best technique to maintain the long life of carpets.

It Prevents Asthma & Allergies: With steam cleaning, people who have asthma and other respiratory illness can prevent such problems as this technique will make their carpets hygienic. Dust mites are commonly found on carpets as they find an abundance of food, causing health problems in humans. Steam cleaning significantly reduces the population of dust mites. Also, HEPA filter vacuums and steam cleaning destroy the dust mite infestations in carpets, which are one of the major causes of illness. Steam cleaning also kills fungal, viral, and bacterial infections with high-temperature steam cleaning. This means now you can breathe easier and healthier while enjoying fresh and clean carpets.

 It Cleans Your Carpet In A Better Way: Steam cleaning offers deep cleaning of your carpets as it generates water vapor that deeply penetrates carpet fibers and extracts even the stubborn soiling with its powerful vacuuming action. Water vapors could reach dirt, hair, mites, and other things grounded into the fibers and remove the buildup caused by them. Besides the fact that steam cleaning has an excellent reach to the carpet fibers and removing dirt stains no matter how intense they are, it is also a good way to kill germs.

 It Makes Your Carpet Look Like New: Steam carpet cleaning makes your carpet look and feel like new. It prolongs the life of your carpets, which means it can give you additional years of comfort and enjoyment in your floor coverings. Being an effective method, it not only removes the stains but also brings back the original vibrancy of your carpets, making them look like new.

But you cannot clean your carpets using steam cleaning by yourself as you would need powerful equipment that is not only heavy but also inconvenient to carry. You cannot rent such a machine. The best solution is hiring CT carpet cleaners. They will offer steam cleaning of residential and commercial carpets. P and J Cleaning Services is one of the reputable firms in Hartford. We offer commercial and residential deep carpet cleaning through steam cleaning; we have been performing carpet cleaning using this technique for many years. We can get quality cleaning which will make your carpets shine like new. We believe that steam cleaning is the most suitable and reliable carpet cleaning method, especially when your carpets are stained badly. Hire us today!