How To Maintain Different Types Of Carpets?

Carpets give your floor a warm and cushioned tone, but so do the expenses. A rug may be a quick way to give your home decor a new vibe, but your carpet demands care. You do not want your carpet’s charm to fade away in a few years; it is a long-term investment. However, carpets come in various fibers, textures, and shapes as per your need. Every carpet needs special carpet cleaning according to the thread and stain type.

So, Look At Some Tips On How You Can Care For Your Carpets Depending On The Fiber:

Synthetic Carpets

The most durable type of carpets is synthetic carpets which often come in polyester. These carpets require regular cleaning to suffice your long-term utility. Although you can be a pro and try using your DIY technique to clean the carpet, it will be better if you go through the care label. The care label helps the consumer understand the dos and don’ts of cleaning a synthetic carpet. Usually, a mixture of warm water and baking soda will make your carpet clean, but it is always good to have a spot check. For instance, nylon carpets are more durable and wear-resistant compared to other types of carpets; but these carpets are not stain-resistant. So, using any stain-resistant to your cleaning list will be better.

Woolen Carpets

Woolen carpets offer your feet a warm and cushioned feeling, but they need extra care. Cleaning your carpet is the next step, but first, you must know if it is a wool carpet or not. Just have a quick look at your carpet’s label and see if it contains any directions related to flammable material. As far as cleaning is concerned, avoid alkaline products and bleach products because these will destroy the woolen fibers.

Natural Fiber Carpets

Here come the sensitive carpets. Carpets made with natural fibers like jute, silk etc., are intolerant to stains compared to synthetic and woolen carpets. For regular maintenance, vacuum cleaning is a suitable method as these carpets get dirty quickly. Even after cleaning, you should take utmost care as these carpets often end up curling from the edges, so dry and place them in their place quickly. Make sure you give these sensitive carpets a gentle cleaning not to disturb the natural lay of their fibers.

Consider The Base

During carpet cleaning, people often forget the significance of carpet pads. A carpet’s base needs as much cleaning as the upper part because the underlays are prone to stains. One way to get away from this is to buy a carpet with underlays made from high-quality materials. 

Different Methods Of Carpet Cleaning

Installing a carpet is an expensive process, and you want your carpet’s shine to last long. You can opt for a carpet cleaning DIY or contact a professional carpet cleaner based on the type of fiber. Nevertheless, these are some ways to clean your carpet:

Spot cleaning

Spot cleaning is the easiest method to clean the carpet directly. Just add a few drops of washing liquid now. There are various types of stain and spot removers available per the stain you are trying to remove. Also, do a spot check before dipping your whole carpet with this solution.


Giving your carpet a shampoo bath is an excellent way to clean heavily murkier carpets. However, using a good quality product is good as it will not leave any foam-based residue behind. 


Dry carpet cleaning is the latest method for cleaning carpets. Apply a dry cleaning compound to the base part of the carpet and spread it with a mechanical counter-rotating brush machine. This motorized brush opens up the carpet fibers allowing a deep clean. Moreover, dry carpet cleaning is safe for almost every carpet.


It is an eco-friendly way of carpet cleaning as a lesser amount of water is consumed. In this type of cleaning, cleaners use a synthetic detergent that crystallizes into powder form after drying. The encapsulation method gives decent results but is unsuitable for heavily soiled carpets.

Steam Cleaning

Also known as hot water extraction, this method uses hot water at high pressure to excite the carpet fibers and dissolve the dirt. The process involves applying a cleaning agent onto the dirty surface and then agitating the dirt-stain with a brush; later, the carpet goes under steaming equipment for washing. It is a good way of cleaning the carpet effectively.


Carpet cleaning is a hectic and laborious task. Yes, it is good to play some tricks on your carpet, but follow the care instructions to avoid damage. Apart from numerous DIY techniques, the easiest and best way to get your carpet freshly ready is to take the help of a professional carpet cleaner. The methods mentioned above are a few techniques they will opt for except for their expertise.

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