Keep Your Employees Safe In This Winter Season

Everyone feels excited when the snow starts falling in winter. We enjoy coffee dates, cozy get-togethers, and winter shopping. But have you ever thought that snowfall could be a big problem for shops, restaurants and other commercial spaces? Yes, heavy snowfall can block the roads, entryways of shops, or malls and create additional problems. It can also prove dangerous to people who work hard to earn their bread or carry out other jobs. Not everyone can stop working and enjoy winter vacations.

If you think you are in a problem due to heavy snow accumulation in your commercial space or outside your shop such that it is affecting your sales, P and J Cleaning Services has a solution for you!

Our snow removal services are ideal for those with fewer funds. We help businesses looking for help to restart their operations fully after heavy snowfall. Our experts always recommend advance planning for such situations. You can beat all the problems before the conditions worsen if you plan ahead.

Let’s discuss what actions you should take before snowfall starts!

Review Your Emergency Plan

It is important to be prepared for the facility-wide emergency before winter knocks on your doors. You can have a group discussion with your employees to create awareness regarding winter problems. Here are a few things you need to consider for your workplace –

  • Operations Take a look at the seasonal hazards in your area and see how they have affected the business activities in the past. Prepare everyone by keeping a thorough check on your site. Consider the events like power outages and blackouts from high winds and snow, and make your team aware.
  • Communicating in emergenciesPrepare your employees to communicate in emergency situations, like when poor weather puts a halt to normal business operations.
  • Emergency drills Simulate drills on a regular basis and look for the areas for improvement.

Job Hazard Analysis

Performing a job hazard analysis will let you identify the hazards at the workplace before they occur. Winter comes with many hazards, which involve injuries due to snow and ice. Thus, look at how your employees will perform their normal tasks and what tools they require with the change in season. Let’s see how you can perform a job hazard analysis –

  • A thorough walk-through Check all the equipment if they need any maintenance due to extreme temperature. Besides, look for the melted snow or leaks that can cause injuries or falls. Snow can also become the reason for electrical hazards. Employing a professional snow cleaning service makes you breathe a sigh of relief when it comes to protecting your business premises. Thus, a thorough walk-through and the help of professionals can make this winter season tolerable.
  • Protect your buildingKeep your roof in good condition and clear of any debris if it is there. Also, keep your HVAC system maintained. Shut off all the valves to easily locate them in case of a major leak.

Prevent Cold-Related Injuries

Employees working in the cold weather are always at the risk of catching cold-related diseases. They may even become the victim of injuries. Make your employees aware of the symptoms of cold-related illnesses like frostbite and hypothermia. You can apply the following controls to ensure the safety of your employees.

  • PPEProvide personal protective equipment to every employee (PPE). See if you need to make any changes in PPE. Tell your employees to protect themselves with enough clothing that provides warmth.
  • Prevent fatiguePeople tend to drink less water in the winter months. You have to drink lots of water to maintain high energy levels. Ensure to treat your employees with warm fluids and water. It will help them not to get fatigued easily.
  • Coordination Make your employees work together in pairs or groups so that it helps you monitor the symptoms of cold-weather diseases. Always remind employees to keep up with their general health. Post reminders often prevent infection and disease spread in the workplace with suitable hygiene labels and signs.

Highlight Potential Hazards Using Visuals

Poor visibility is one of the key factors that give rise to many accidents and injuries in winters. You must be prepared to beat all the hazards. You can make the hazards more clear and visible with the help of visual cues like floor marking. How can you use visuals?

  • Keep the areas clearEnsure that all the pathways, sidewalks, driveways, and work areas are free from snow or other things that can lead to injuries and falls.
  • Highlight the hard-to-see areasMark or highlight the areas where it becomes difficult to see in winters. Highlight the pathways, low-clearance ceilings, and other important areas using reflective tape.

Invest in Winter Safety Solutions

Needless to say, employees become more prone to injuries and falls in winter, especially during snowfall. So, you must invest in winter safety solutions that help in getting your workplace protected from winter hazards. P and J cleaning can help you with your snow removal and cleaning needs. We offer excellent snow removal services at affordable rates. Moreover, we come with our own equipment to tackle any cleaning challenge that your workplace might be facing. So, without any further ado, get in touch with us to keep your employees safe this winter season.

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