Must-Have Services To Include In Your Snow And Ice Management Contract

Snow Removal
  •  December 8, 2021

Must-Have Services To Include In Your Snow And Ice Management Contract

The winter season means snow will start piling up on your commercial property. You can’t focus on business and deal with unclean property, sidewalks, and driveways. You need to get rid of treacherous ice. When it comes to hiring snow and ice removal services, ensure that it covers all your winter needs. It will protect everyone from injuries who enter your property. 

What must-have services should you include in your snow and ice management contract? Let’s find out! 

Snow PlowingSnow plowing forms the foundation of snow and ice management. The professional team at P and J cleaning services maintains contact with property managers to see whether they have any extra needs in regard to the winter season. We provide the best services in case of any snow emergency. We know exactly where all our vehicles are with the help of a global positioning system. We get those vehicles to where they are needed in an emergency. 

A skid loader A skid loader is an equipment that manages to do those things that a snowplow can’t navigate. It works well in congested areas. For instance – between the cars and dumpsters. It collects the snow and takes it somewhere else. The skid loader is very efficient as it pushes more snow and leaves only a few trails behind. They clean the needed space more quickly. You will not regret employing a skid loader for cleaning up your commercial space because of its efficiency. 

Hand LaborSnow accumulates over narrow walkways, stairs, and porches. How to get rid of snow in these areas? A good-quality shovel helps clean the walkways and stairs and remove snow. Also, ensure to include the hand labor in your contract when you are hiring the snow and ice removal services. Why is it so? The hand labor ensures to clean every nook and corner of your commercial property and make it safe for everyone entering it. Apart from the shovel, the professional team, including hand labor, uses either a snowblower or a power broom to make your property spick and span from snow. 

De-icer applications Undoubtedly, ice creates many problems for business owners and customers visiting the property. It increases the possibility of falls and injuries. Thus, ensure that the snow removal company you are hiring is using the best melting method on your commercial property. We use the professional method of melting ice that is less corrosive and environment friendly. This method prevents ice and snow from sticking to the surface area. And this method helps in making the ice stay longer on the surface, thereby helping to reduce the freeze cycle. 

Preventive treatmentIt is rightly said that prevention is better than cure. So, why give a chance to ice to make its place on your commercial property? This is the place where brine marks its entry. It is a liquid mixture of salt and water. If you spray it on roads and walkways before a snowstorm, it prevents the snow from sticking. What is the advantage of brine over salt? Salt works when the snow starts melting. But brine begins its mechanism as soon as we put it down, as it already comes in a solution form. The first one or two inches of snow is the slipperiest one. Brine provides safety from slipping. A brine truck and driver are required to do this work. 

 Now the extras!

The points mentioned above are some of the essentials. Some other snow and ice management services are also available if the need arrives. A dump truck and driver are fine to eliminate the excessive snow off your commercial property. But what to do when snow piles up to the extent that it becomes difficult for them to manage? The answer is an all-terrain vehicle, shortly called ATV. It helps in clearing the extra-wide sidewalks. 

How do commercial business owners ensure what they need? 

When you are in a dilemma to ensure what you need, that is where we provide you with the solution. Your main concern is clean, efficient, safe, and snow-free property. P and J always communicate well with our customers to know their requirements. We ensure that customers and our team are on the same page.

P and J cleaning for all your property needs 

We have an experienced professional team providing snow removal services for 15 years. Our west Hartford snow removal services can handle it all about removing snow ranging from the sidewalks to the driveways to the parking lots. Whether you want last-minute emergency snow removal services or cleaning your commercial property by putting off snow, we are there at your beck and call. 

It is the right time to partner with P and J cleaning when the winter is at its peak. Without any further delay, visit us for more information.