Pre-Treat And Prevent Ice On Your Property

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  •  August 31, 2022

Pre-Treat And Prevent Ice On Your Property

The winter season is on the way. Besides experiencing cold chills, many regions witness prolonged periods of ice and snow. Consequently, it leads to property damage, liability issues, and many such concerns, to name a few. Don’t you think that it is always better to pre-treat the ice to minimize the risks associated with it? Obviously, it is. We have come up with a tip to prevent the accumulation of ice from your property. Additionally, you can always rely on a professional cleaning service west Hartford CT, or professional cleaning services in your area to get rid of ice.

Avoid the Accumulation of Ice on Gutters

Accumulation of ice on gutters is common in winters. The ice could be a great addition to the winter scenery, but icicles can freeze to grow heavy and frequently become sharply tipped. This can damage gutters and even pose huge risks for people or pets. How can you avoid this from happening?

Remove the small icicles before they become tipped or change into larger spears.  

Clean the icicles from roofs, windows, and gutters using a broom or yardstick.

If the ice buildup is too large for you to remove, call the professionals to help you with the same. Professionals will not only clean your property for ice but also ensure that you are free from any injury and your property is protected from any damage. 

Check Trees And Tree Limbs

Not only are the gutters damaged by ice but trees can also be affected the same way. The trees and limbs can be damaged by the weight of the ice, which can lead to unfavorable circumstances for your car, roof, property, or anyone under the branches. 

Ensure that no limbs are loosely hanging down from trees. If they are, remove them carefully using a limb saw or knock them using a broom or shovel. 

If you find any signs of damage in the power lines, contact your power company right away to get the broken wires repaired. 

Shovel Early

During the winter season, the more often you shovel up the snow, the more relaxed you will be, and ice won’t be a problem. It might look like a lot of work, but shoveling multiple times during snow is easy, effective, and safe for everyone. 

Steer Clear of Ice Dams

Ridges of ice that hang from the edge of the roof are called ice dams. Ice dams might look pretty, but if they fall, a big danger is waiting for you. It can damage your gutters and roofs and even result in leaks. What can you do to get rid of these ice dams? 

Snow removal

Hot Water

Pour hot water gently over the ice dams. Ice will gradually melt and will drain through your gutters.  

A Heat Cable

You can install a heat cable on your roof to stop the formation of ice. It will allow ice for quick melting.

Remove Snow

Ice dams are formed as a result when snow on the roof melts and then refreezes by the edges of the roof. Thus, when it piles, take a roof rake to remove the ice to prevent the formation of ice dams. 

Protect Your Pipes

Water expands when it freezes. And if the water inside the pipe freezes, you are allowing the pipes to crack or burst, which can lead to massive damage. Drain the water from outside faucets to prevent any damage from happening. Furthermore, disconnect all the outdoor hoses. Protect the pipes with insulation existing in the unheated interiors in your homes like garages or basements. Don’t forget to cover the outdoor faucets with insulators. 

Seal Windows

It is difficult to keep your home warm in winters if the windows or doors of your home have natural gaps. Seal these areas using caulk or weather stripping, whatever is suitable to you. This small fix is extremely helpful in saving a huge amount of money. 

If you live in a home tonstructed many years ago, with single pane glass windows, your doors might lack insulation. Thus, you can consider upgrading your home to double pane windows and get the doors insulated to enhance the energy efficiency of your home.

Professional Help

For the quickest and most efficient solution, seek the assistance of professional snow removal services. Professional construction clean up companies go beyond traditional cleaning services and tackle any cleaning challenge that comes their way with the help of their experienced staff. Professionals will remove snow and ice from the driveways and walkways and make it easy for you to live your routine life. 

To Sum It Up

Taking care of your home using the above-mentioned tips is a sign of good winter maintenance. Make your home snow-free this winter and enjoy the cold chills with full vigor.