Take Control Over Your Allergies And Indoor Air Quality With Professional Carpet Cleaning

Seasonal allergies and asthma are tough to deal with. And your carpet can make your symptoms even worse. Your carpet fibers absorb dust, stains, pet dander, and much more! Because of such material, different allergens start growing in the carpet fiber, which affects your health. We cannot see those allergens; however, all we can do is get our carpets professionally cleaned frequently. Regular vacuuming of your carpet cannot wholly destroy these allergens, resulting in their growth and development, which can further cause different health problems.   

Therefore, it is crucial to take the help of CT carpet cleaners help along with your routine vacuuming. Because the frequency of your professional carpet cleaning depends on various factors including, the intensity of your allergies and the changing seasons. Other than that, factors like sun and water exposure to your carpet, your home’s air circulation, and the overall cleanliness of your home can also affect the growth of different microbes.  

Deep Clean Your Carpet

Routine deep cleaning will benefit people with allergies and asthma because deep cleaning consists of specialized equipment that removes set-in stains and debris. Deep carpet cleaning equipment is stronger than the average vacuum, and hence, they remove the trapped dust mites and the allergens in the carpet fibers quickly. 

Taking professional care for deep cleaning of the carpet is always the best idea. Professional cleaning includes steam cleaning and dry carpet cleaning. In steam cleaning, professionals utilize warm water to remove dirt and other debris, while in dry cleaning, professionals take the help of chemicals to remove stubborn stains, debris, and dirt. Choose carpet cleaning Hartford professionals for better knowledge on the same. 

However, carpet cleaning may differ depending on the carpet fiber and material. That is why indulging professionals is the best idea for deep cleaning your carpet, as they know well which method is ideal for a particular carpet type and size. In addition, professionals give many other tips to keep your carpet fibers healthy and dust-free.

Now, the question arises how often should you get your carpet cleaned professionally?

On average, giving your carpet a deep cleaning once a year is necessary. Although, the dominant factors for your carpet decide this time frame. For example, if you suffer allergies throughout the year, then you should probably get your carpet cleaned within six months to prevent the growth of allergens and other microbes. What more, if you have pets in your home or allow shoes inside, the risk of allergens getting inside is even higher. 

In that case, consider the proper maintenance of your carpet to alleviate the need for constant deep cleaning. Do not let those stains stay for more than one week. Because eventually, they will get permanent and can look bad.  

Consider The Reason For Cleaning Your Carpet

Allergies come with changing seasons, especially during the spring and summer seasons, as pollen grains generate in these two seasons the most. Therefore, we could witness a large amount of pollen everywhere. So, if you leave your windows open during the daytime, the chances are high that the pollen may make its way inside your home. If you allow shoes inside, you can track pollen indoors with the shoes. 

If you think there is an escape to these allergies once pollen enters your house, then it is not true. It is impossible to keep your doors and windows closed for the whole day. The only way out is to vacuum your carpet daily or multiple times a week and deep clean your carpets every six months by CT carpet cleaners. Specifically, if you are a patient of allergies and asthma, you must not ignore the fact that you are a vulnerable category for allergens. 

Indoor Air Quality Is Also Responsible!

Apart from the reasons mentioned above, a dirty carpet is also responsible for affecting indoor air quality. The particles trapped inside the carpet and upholstery fibers can make your indoor air quality poor. 

The other factor is foot traffic on your carpet. Foot traffic can disrupt the trapped particles in the carpet, releasing them in the air, thereby making your indoor air quality poor. Children and animals spend more time in the close vicinity of carpets while playing. Hence, they come in contact with various allergies and other health issues. You must avoid shoe traffic on your carpet. 

How To Maintain Indoor Air Quality?

Maintenance of carpet and upholstery has an important role in contributing to your indoor air quality. An air purifier is the only way to improve air quality. Many ground factors cause poor air quality. These factors need to be addressed first. Many factors rise from the dirty carpets only. Hence, 

  • Vacuum your carpets consistently.
  • Improve ventilation of your house. Invest in high-quality air purifiers. 
  • Hire the best quality professional carpet and upholstery cleaning services.

 After the Covid induced pandemic, it has become prudent to keep up with the air quality and the overall cleanliness of your house, including carpets. Consider taking professional help for deep cleaning your carpet at least once in six months to avoid health problems. However, if your home witnesses a lot of foot traffic, consider frequent cleaning services as well. 

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