The Professional Carpet Cleaning And The Concerns Of DIY Cleaning

The Professional Carpet CleaningThe Professional Carpet Cleaning
  •  June 23, 2021

The Professional Carpet Cleaning And The Concerns Of DIY Cleaning

When it comes to selecting a carpet, we all get spoilt for choices. A similar situation goes for choosing a carpet cleaning company to maintain the style and look of the carpet. It is crucial to understand the types of effective carpet cleaning because carpet cleaning methods vary from carpet to carpet.

Some of the carpet cleaning methods in the market are-

Hot Water Extraction Cleaning 

It is popularly known as steam carpet cleaning. It consists of high-pressure hot water for agitating the carpet fiber and dissolving the carpet dirt. This process includes applying a cleaning agent on the soiled surface followed by the agitation of the carpet with a brush.  

Once the cleaning agent is set on the carpet, professionals wash the carpet with cleaning equipment and then rinse the carpet thoroughly. 

Carpets take a lot of time to get dry. Ct carpet cleaners advise cleaning carpets in the late afternoon so that the carpet gets time to dry overnight and all the daily chores can resume by the following day.  


 This process requires synthetic detergents as a base to crystallize in the powdered form after drying. Powder helps to encapsulate the loosened dirt particles present in the carpet fiber. Finally, after vacuuming or cleaning up the foam, the carpet is put to dry. It was introduced in the 1970s and has become extensively popular after that.

Encapsulation requires less water for cleaning the carpet and hence results in a shorter drying period. Also, it is regarded as one of the environmentally-friendly methods to carry out carpet cleaning than carpet shampooing. However, for heavy soiling carpets, this process has many limitations.  

Carpet Shampooing

Shampooing was popular till the encapsulation process. Nonetheless, even today, carpet cleaning Hartford suggests shampooing of carpets for deep cleaning and to remove heavy soiling from the carpets.

Bonnet Cleaning

This carpet cleaning method gives good surface carpet cleaning results. It includes cleaning the upper layer of the carpet fiber. Professionals use a heavy-duty motorized machine embedded with a spinning pad carrying cleaning solutions for absorbing dirt from the carpet surface. 

However, the fact is, bonneting is the best carpeting solution for mainly the hotels. Because this carpet cleaning method involves less moisture and thus, gets dry quickly. Additionally, carpets for heavy traffic public areas require immediate solutions to prevent inconvenience to hotel guests. 

Dry Carpet Cleaning

It is often known as compound cleaning. It is the latest technology of carpet cleaning that has been gaining popularity by various carpet manufacturers. It requires no drying time! It delivers effective cleaning performance and is convenient for use as well. 

The dry cleaning concept is the latest, it was introduced in the 1980s, and since then, different kinds of cleaning compounds are being invented. 

Dry cleaning involves applying a cleaning compound (powder) at the bottom layers of the carpet using a motorized counter rotating brush machine. The machine helps in opening up the carpet fiber and thereby allows the compound to settle inside. It results in deep carpet cleaning. 

The Cleaning compound-

The cleaning compound used for the dry cleaning machine requires biodegradable materials. These materials perform like micro-sponges that effectively absorb the dirt in the carpet. Additionally, one can easily manage these materials at the end of the cleaning process. 

The dry carpet cleaning method is one of the safest methods for all types of carpets used for commercial or residential purposes. In addition, carpet cleaning equipment manufacturers develop their indigenous cleaning compound or powder formulas for customizing the equipment formula and design. 

Risks of DIY

Markets are witnessing various DIY machine trends that do not heat up to the required temperatures as professional machines, resulting in less effective cleaning. DIY machines do not extract much water and dirt from the carpet and possibly damage the carpet. 

After cleaning, if your carpet remains slightly damp, it shows that your carpet has been thoroughly cleaned. On the other side, if your carpet remains wet, it indicates that the cleaning machine was not powerful enough to extract the dirt and water. DIY machines leave your carpet wet, and in that case, use fans for drying the carpet. Ensure that your carpet is completely dry to replace the furniture. 

Cost-Saving Concerns

Having cost-saving concerns for hiring a professional carpet cleaner is normal. In that case, consider cleaning often-used areas only, for example, big furniture pieces, like the bed, sofa, etc., as the carpet beneath the furniture does not expose to the air, light, or any foot. And hence, do not require cleaning as often as the carpets present in high traffic areas. The cleaner goes around the furniture to clean the carpet area. However, if you move your furniture around the space more frequently, consider getting the entire carpet cleaned. 

Nevertheless, professional carpet cleaning is by far the best way to carry out the cleaning process. DIY cleaning methods are detrimental to the lifespan of your carpet, and thus, opting for such carpet cleaning methods would not serve any purpose; such a mistake can cost you tremendous, and you may even need to replace the carpet! 

 While the above professional carpet cleaning methods are almost similar to each other, you now need to figure out which type of method would suit the best for your carpet.