The Significance Of Post-Construction Cleaning By A Professional

The ultimate aim of every construction contractor is to hand over the keys of a newly constructed or refurbished facility to the customer. However, the task of a construction firm is not complete until construction is finished, not to mention the tears and sweat that they must deal with. There are still some finishing touches to be done before they hand over keys.  Cleaning the entire building, often known as “post-construction cleaning,” is one of the additional services.

The term “post-construction” implies that this cleaning takes place after the building phase is over. A building contractor may clean up trash in general, but thorough cleaning is no longer part of their job. Post-construction cleaning service is carried out from top to bottom, and it includes more than just sweeping the floor and washing the carpet and other visible surfaces. The following are some of the cleaning standards that must be met: 

  • Marks, grime, and smudges must be removed from the walls.
  • Cleaning the windows and frames using a power washer
  • Furniture, windows, and doors with plastic/sticker removal
  • Ceilings, lighting, fans, and heaters should be dusted both wet and dry.
  • Clean and polished floors that are free of dirt, particularly around edges and corners.
  • Cleaning with a vacuum
  • Clean up the edges
  • Cleaning at the threshold
  • Internal and external cleaning of all appliances, cabinets, and shelves
  • Garbage and debris disposal
  • Construction contractors are notified of any safety concerns, loose wires, or leaks.
  • Once the cleaning has been completed, thoroughly inspect all of the space, corners, and interior surfaces one more time.

Different Phases of Post-Construction Cleaning 

Different phases of post-construction cleaning include:

Light cleaning: This is the most labor-intensive of the three phases of post-construction cleaning, and it necessitates a large amount of cleaning equipment and materials. Attention is given to areas such as toilets and kitchens, which serve a specific purpose. Sinks, toilets, windows, and cabinets are just a few things installed that are cleaned. Clients employ a professional cleaning service for a variety of reasons, including this period. Clients can be specific that Advance Cleaning will use the most effective and up-to-date cleaning equipment and products to ensure that these areas and interior surfaces like air ducts are thoroughly cleaned. Here, additional cleaning of the rooms which involves cleaning of windows, glass areas, doors, walls, etc. is involved along with the removal of stickers and labels. Clients will move in only when this phase is complete.

Final Cleaning:  The final cleaning, often known as touch-up cleaning. It takes several days after the second phase since dust and grime may have settled. This will give enough time to the cleaning staff so that they can focus on the final dust removal. This process takes less time than usual because the only thing that needs to be cleaned are smudges, fingerprints, and other flaws from the cleaned regions in the previous rounds.

Cleaning up after construction takes time and effort, and it might take a few days to complete. This activity is challenging to handle for a building contractor who already has a lot on their plate. Construction workers are already focused on constructing the structure, so cleaning up the mess is a considerable strain. As a result, it’s a good idea to hire expert cleaners, whether through the construction clean-up companies or your own.

Suppose the building company does not provide extra cleaning services. In that case, some clients may choose professional cleaners. If cleaning is done by the clients rather than experts, deep and hidden areas of the building may remain uncleaned. However, that is far too dangerous since it may jeopardize the safety and health of everyone who will occupy the structure. After all that cleaning, professionals also perform bathroom cleaning, kitchen cleaning, living room cleaning, and bedroom cleaning. 

The Value Of Hiring The Professional Cleaner 

The safety of those who will use the facility shall take precedence. There’s no need to worry about a stray nail in the garage or dust that might cause respiratory difficulties.

Professional cleaners have the necessary expertise and equipment. Therefore, they deliver professional results, such as no paint splatters, unremoved stickers, or dust. The entire facility will be cleaned properly such that it is ready to move in. Professional cleaners will recognize the top location that requires extra attention based on their years of expertise and training. You can hire commercial cleaning services in CT to get the best results. 

Why Is Post-construction-cleaning By A Professional So Vital To One’s Health? 

A house that hasn’t been appropriately cleaned poses several risks to those who will live there. VOCs such as formaldehyde, asbestos, and silica are substances found in construction materials that harm air quality and pose a health risk. Fresh Air Guide claims that using air-purifying technology with HEPA filters after a place has been remodeled may considerably enhance air quality. High-efficiency particulate air filters, or HEPA filters, can collect 99.97 percent of particles having a diameter of 0.3 microns or more significant.


Cleaning up after construction is a specialist job that is best left to professionals. Professionals will first figure out which phase(s) of post-construction cleaning they will conduct based on your estimate. There are three primary phases of work, each with a different price tag. A rough interior clean costs less per square foot than a complete clean. The cost of an external cleanup is similar to that of a final cleanup, although it generally takes less time.

On the other hand, large debris removal frequently links with the third step. Supplies are an essential component of the work, but luckily, you may bill your customer for most of them. Trash bags, vacuums, dusting supplies, hard surface cleaners, and outside cleaning equipment will all be used. Think that you can add a markup to your supplies to guarantee a profit. The route will do it for you automatically, but you may also do it yourself if necessary.

Finally, understanding your production rate can assist you in evaluating your labor and market efficiency.

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