Tips to Minimize the Mess During Post-Construction Cleaning Process

If it is the final day of the construction or renovation process of your new home or commercial building, a new challenge is waiting for you and that is post-construction cleaning. So, get ready for your next challenge. 

We know, nobody wants to clean up the leftover of a construction process as it is usually too messy. It is also very challenging to remove debris and clean up the dirt and paint stains from the surfaces. But to enter your newly built home with your entire family, post-construction cleaning is required. It is something that you cannot ignore. 

For post-construction cleaning, generally, you get two most common options that are- hire a post-construction cleaning contractor and clean up the leftover of the construction process by yourself. It’s up to you to choose one option between these two options. It all depends on your choices. 

Generally, most people prefer to hire an expert and experienced post-construction cleaning contractor for better cleaning of their home and their own comfort. This is a great choice when you have enough budget for hiring a post-construction cleaning contractor. And if you choose this option, you should search for the best construction cleaning companies in Hartford CT. You will certainly find many world-class post-construction cleaning services.

On the other hand, if you don’t have a sufficient budget, cleaning up the leftovers of the construction process by yourself is the best option for you. 

If you decided to do post-construction cleaning of your newly-built home by yourself, you will have to follow the standard process of post-construction cleaning that is mentioned below. 

Standard Post-Construction Cleaning Process

The standard post-construction cleaning process includes seven steps that are as follows:

  1. Take Safety Precautions (Wear rubber gloves, mask, protective eyewear, and earplugs)
  2. Clean Up Accessories (Including fittings and fixtures, cupboards, drawers, and wooden items)
  3. Remove Debris 
  4. Clean-Up All Surfaces by Using Non-Toxic Cleaning Solution and Vacuum
  5. Wash, Clean, and Polish Kitchen Appliances
  6. Vacuum Out Heating and Cooling Ducts
  7. Give a Finishing Touch

You will have to follow these steps step-by-step to properly clean up the leftover of the construction process. 

Tips to Minimize the Mess During Cleaning Process

Following the steps of the standard post-construction cleaning process is not enough to get the desired result in the end. You have to be careful about that as post-construction cleaning is usually very messy. 

Here we have compiled a few useful tips that will help you minimize the mess during the post-construction cleaning process of your newly-built home. Let’s take a look. 

Take Safety Precautions

We included this point at the top of this list of tips because it is much more important than anything else. Your safety should be your priority and so you should take safety precautions before starting cleaning work.

The construction cleaning process is always foggy. The dust, dirt, pollutants, and germs always are around you during the whole cleaning process that increases the health risks. If those small particles affect your health, the cleaning process can be interrupted and you will not want that. Therefore, you should take mandatory safety precautions.

For taking safety precautions, you need to do is to:

  • Wear Rubber Gloves
  • Wear Safety Glass
  • Wear Earplugs
  • Wear Safety Mask 

Buy Plastic Sheets To Cover Cleaned Up Areas

During the post-construction cleaning process, the dust and pollutants flow in the air and set on different surfaces. This process continues till the end of the cleaning process. If the dust sets on the cleaned-up areas, it can double your workload. You will have to clean those areas again and of course, you will not want that. Therefore, it is very important to cover the cleaned up areas with plastic sheets so that dust cannot set on those surfaces. 

It is a very good idea to minimize the mess during the post-construction cleaning of your newly-built home or building. 

Gently Use The Scrapper and Other Sharp-Edged Cleaning Tools  

If you use a scraper and other sharp-edged cleaning tools to remove the sticking particles from the floor and walls, be careful as inappropriate use of those tools can leave scratches and patches on the surfaces. And of course, you will not want that. So, be gentle while using a scraper and other sharp-edged cleaning tools. This will keep all surfaces of your home protected from being scratched. 

Plan The Cleaning Process

Anything which is planned gives the desired result and it is the proven fact. So, planning is very important in every task for the perfect execution of the task. 

Before you start doing post-construction cleaning, plan it. It would be very helpful for you to rightly execute the whole cleaning process. 

To plan it, you will have to note down all steps step-by-step. After that allot a particular timing for every step. And make sure you follow that plan when it comes to execution. 

Make Sure You Have All Cleaning Tools and Supplies

Once your plan is ready, make sure you have all the required cleaning tools and supplies. If you don’t have any tool, immediately order it so that you can rightly execute the cleaning process and complete it within the targeted time.  

These are some useful tips that can help you minimize the mess during the cleaning process and rightly execute and complete it within the targeted time. So, you should follow these tips. 

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