Why Do Jute Rugs Need The Most Care?

  •  May 9, 2022

Why Do Jute Rugs Need The Most Care?

If you’re planning to buy a new rug, you may be wondering whether jute rugs are simple to clean or you should try out some other fabric. Jute carpets, manufactured from jute plant fibers, are sturdy and resilient while still appealing and pleasant to touch. Jute rugs are often regarded as one of the most durable carpets of natural fibers.

While jute rugs are effortless to clean and don’t tend to retain stains or require special care, inappropriate stain removal solutions can harm even the most resilient rug, regardless of material! It’s better to hire a cleaning service West Hartford CT to keep your carpets always new and tidy. Before buying a jute rug, note what to do and what not to do to maintain it clean and stain-free.

To minimize extra stains and cleaning expenditures, homeowners should consider maintaining their home’s area carpets, wall-to-wall carpeting, tile, hardwood, etc. You might also note some essential facts regarding different carpet cleaning processes. Hence, you know what to ask a carpet cleaning business when you book an appointment.

How Do You Clean Jute Rugs?


Consider some more facts regarding cleaning jute rugs and keeping them in excellent shape, and don’t be afraid to see a carpet cleaning specialist! Jute carpets are made of natural plant fiber, which gives them both flexibility and durability. Mats made of natural plant fibers often contain significantly fewer chemicals and poisons than rugs made of artificial materials like polyester or nylon. For extra softness, some jute carpets are blended with chenille, a natural cotton fiber spun into a silky texture. Chenille is a soft fabric frequently used for sweaters, scarves, and blankets. When jute is added, you get a rich and soft rug underfoot. Jute is naturally thicker than sisal or seagrass, making it suitable for fully fledge rooms and corridors.

Despite its resilience, jute is prone to moisture absorption. Jute rugs are therefore unsuitable for use in outdoor locations or in spaces where the carpet may become too moist, such as a laundry room. Mold and mildew are difficult to remove from a jute rug due to trapped moisture.

Because jute carpets are woven, you may need to vacuum with a brush attachment to remove trapped and ground-in dirt and other debris. Consider hanging the rug up and brushing it with a stiff-bristled fabric brush to remove any remaining debris that a vacuum can’t reach. Don’t use spot cleaners and even regular rug cleaners on jute since these detergents react differently to jute than other rug fibers.

Make a 50/50 combination of white vinegar and warm water, or dilute some laundry detergent in water to remove stains from a jute rug. Apply the cleaner to the spot with a clean, moist rag, and then wipe it away with another clean rag. Avoid rubbing the detergent into the carpeting since this will only make the stain worse! Because water may quickly stain jute carpets, use a hairdryer to dry your jute rug after washing it. Make sure there’s no leftover rinse water!

Can Jute Rugs Be Laundered?

It’s better to avoid getting jute carpets wet as much as possible; even if they’re dried fast, jute is susceptible to watermarks and stains. As a result, steam cleaning and ordinary shampooing are usually out of the question! See a carpet cleaning expert about dry cleaning choices if you have a favorite jute rug that won’t clean up with a vinegar and water solution or diluted laundry detergent. Dry cleaning is frequently done on carpets in tropical and high-humidity climates to ensure that they do not remain moist after shampooing. Some dry cleaning solutions may also remove deep stains and ground-in dirt, making them a good option for jute rug cleaning.

Are Jute Rugs Uncomfortable?

Jute’s comfort levels vary depending on its thickness, general weave, and if it’s blended with other materials to provide softness, much like other rug materials. As previously said, jute is frequently mixed with chenille for added softness underfoot. Choose a jute rug with a high rate of chenille weave if you require a soft yet stable area rug, such as for a child’s playroom. If you decide between the two, you might wonder whether jute or sisal is simpler to clean. Choose jute for a rug that is easy to clean and less prone to show stains.

Finally! Cleaning and Caring for Your Floors

Cleaning and caring for your home’s flooring correctly ensures that it stays in good shape and looks its best. You may also make them last longer or hire the finest cleaners like P and J services for the fabulous cleaning needed to make your rug dirt-free.