Why Hiring Professional Carpet Cleaners Better Than Following Social Media Cleaning Tips?

Let us ask you one question—how often do you open social media for any ‘instant’ solutions? Your answer can be anything, and we will not focus on numbers. We asked this question because people trust all sorts of methods available on the Internet without verifying their credibility from ct carpet cleaners.

Sounds like an exaggeration? We understand. You can search professional carpet cleaning tips. You will be directed to youtube shorts, Instagram hacks, or DIY blogs. Why? Because people love trying out these cheap, convenient, and easy hacks. But, are you sure about getting good results?

Maybe not! 

Therefore, P & J have listed a few myths related to carpet cleaning that can ruin your carpets.

Social Media Cleaning Tips To Avoid

Social media is a great interactive tool that allows you to share almost anything in a few seconds. However, spontaneity and instantaneity sometimes result in dire consequences. The same happens with carpet cleaning methods. Some methods may work, but some can potentially ruin your carpets. But how to decide which method is correct when an algorithm is the one that shows you results?

Fret not! We have covered the top myths related to carpet cleaning that are most circulated on social media. Read on!

Never Apply A Cleaning Solution Directly

You must have seen many advertisements and influencers promoting a cleaning solution on the ground that cleans the best in one go. But doing so can leave your carpet surface in bad shape; because some cleaners are hard on the carpet fabrics. One widely popular video among influencers shows the direct spraying of a cleaning agent onto the carpet surface. It can potentially harm your carpet with a greasy or streaky buildup and can leave marks, so avoid it.

Instead of spraying directly on the carpet, spray the cleaning agent on a cloth and then use that cloth on the area that needs cleaning.

Do Not Use One Solution For All Surfaces

In cleaning, there is no one-size-fits-all approach. Yes, saving money and time is admirable, but the results may not be as nice. For example, using natural sources like baking soda as a cleaning agent may not help you clean your carpet. Plus, using a general cleaning agent on your carpet is a big NO. You must purchase different solutions for distinct purposes and invest in a good quality cleaning solution per the carpet material.

Expensive Cleaning Agents Give Good Results

That’s a myth! As a consumer, you should know which cleaning solution will work best on your carpet. For this, research a little or ask a professional for help. They may help you understand the fabric type of your carpet so that you buy only that solution that is soft and offers good results. Plus, your purpose may also define which cleaning solution will suit your needs.

***Remember these three things as they may help you avoid unnecessary headaches causing problems. Sometimes, the suggestions and DIY hacks are good, but they may not suit your purpose or carpet material. In addition, the technique also defines the results. Therefore, check appropriately before using any trick or hack on your precious carpet.

Is CT Carpet Cleaning Expensive?

One reason why DIY hacks are so popular is because of low costs and minimum effort. People are ready to pull up some tricks but would abstain from contacting a professional cleaner as they feel it is an expensive service. Well, nobody likes to add to their monthly expenses but are carpet cleaning services costly? Or is it just another myth?

A professional carpet cleaning service will charge you depending on their location, experience, and, most significantly, your carpet. In short, if your carpet is large-sized, it will cost you more than a typical welcome rug.

The second thing that defines the cost of professional services is the method of cleaning employed and other factors such as—

  • Size of property and number of carpets laid down
  • Type of carpet and its thickness
  • Condition of carpets and stages of cleaning required

Therefore, if you don’t want to risk your carpet with unverified DIY hacks, then probably contacting cleaning services in Hartford ct is your best bet. The cost will depend on the factors mentioned above. However, the prices would be considerably lower if you get your carpets cleaned regularly. But, if you haven’t cleaned your carpets for a long time, you surely need to invest a little money this time.


P & J is a pioneer in carpet cleaning services. Our years of experience and skilled team will cater to your requirements. So make the right call and contact us today.

Do not put-off carpet cleaning from your cleaning checklists any longer; one service and you will feel the difference.

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