Why Is Vacuuming Alone Not Good Enough To Replace Professional Carpet Cleaning?

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  •  April 9, 2021

Why Is Vacuuming Alone Not Good Enough To Replace Professional Carpet Cleaning?

While buying carpet for your home, homeowners are excited as all they can think about is how the carpet will enhance the beauty and elegance of their home. They just think about how and where they should use the carpet to be visible to the guests and make the best use of it. But they forget the important aspect associated with carpets, i.e., carpet cleaning.  Many think that simply dusting carpets or vacuuming them is enough, but this not the case. Running a vacuum cleaner is not going to help you if your carpets are roughly used or you have kids or pets at your home.

Deep cleaning your carpets by carpet cleaning Hartford experts should be on your priority list at least once in 6 months. You can choose to go without carpet cleaning for a while, but eventually, your carpet will start aging, and its fibers start weakening resulting in loss of fibers and the overall look of the carpet. This makes easy access of dirt and particles to carpet fibers. After some time, your carpet will start looking dirty no matter how much you vacuum them or clean using home methods. Soon you will witness dirt and dust in every corner of your home, making poor indoor air quality.

Add to the fact that people constantly walking on your carpet will end up adding hard-to-clean dirt to your carpet fibers. Professional carpet cleaning companies can help you get the dirt and grime out of your carpet. They will use suitable agents and the right equipment to deep clean your carpets which is not possible through vacuuming. You need to prioritize carpet cleaning; otherwise, dirty carpets can cause some serious health issues like allergies and asthma. Apart from removing dirt particles from your carpet, there are additional benefits of having your carpets professionally cleaned. Let’s understand them!

How Is A Deep Professional Cleaning More Beneficial?       

  • Healthy Indoor Air Quality

: Unfortunately, dust and debris build-up doesn’t remain in the fibers of your carpet. Instead, it floats up into the air, spreading bacteria and allergens in the whole house, making the air quality bad. Vacuuming cannot help in preventing this from happening. You need to take professional help to resolve this problem. They have powerful equipment that can eliminate unseen contaminants improving the overall quality of air inside your home.

  • Increase Lifespan of Carpet:

Vacuuming can fluff the carpet fibers and reduce its lifespan. Though vacuuming alone cannot help as much as professional cleaning. A deep clean lifts those fibers, making your carpet look like new while making certain that it lasts for years to come.

  • Reduce Allergens:

You should not just worry about bacteria but also allergens like dust, pollen, and pet dander. These allergens can make the life of a person miserable if they are prone to allergies. Vacuuming cannot remove them completely. The only way to confirm everyone breathes easier by getting a professional carpet cleaning.

  • Remove Bacteria & Germs:

Your home must be germ-free. This means you need to disinfect your surface more often than usual, especially if you have kids or senior members at your home.  Spraying Lysol on your carpet won’t help you much. It will get you rid of germs, and neither will vacuuming. The only way to eradicate bacteria from your carpet is through a deep clean. The carpet cleaning Hartford professionals use cleaning agents specially designed to remove harmful bacteria that can make you sick.

  • Remove Spots and Stains:

With vacuuming, you cannot remove some dirt from the fibers. Unfortunately, your vacuum cannot lift any old spots and stains. The only thing that can help is professional carpet cleaning in Hartford. No matter if your stain is recent or days old from spilled wine or dropped food, experts can clean it and will make your carpet look as good as new.

  • Save Your Time and Money:

Carpets are too expensive, and if you wish to let them last longer with their beauty staying intact, you must regularly clean them. Cleaning carpets of your own can be very time-consuming. You need to do the vacuuming and moving of furniture, treat stains on your carpet and buy heavy equipment suitable for carpet cleaning.  The best way to stay away from so much hassle is by hiring a professional carpet cleaning service that can make it easier for you.

P and J Cleaning Services is a reputable carpet cleaning company that offers deep cleaning of highly soiled, stained, and dirty carpets. We believe that just like everything else in your life, your carpets’ lifespan depends on how you treat them. If you wish that your carpet should retain its original look for long, you must deep clean them once in a while, depending upon how roughly you use them. We recommend our customers to get their carpets cleaned twice a year to protect them. For more information on carpet cleaning, feel free to call!