Why Should You Choose P And J For Post Construction Cleaning Services In CT?

Post-construction cleaning is a big job with the amount of dust and debris we find in a house. No one but trained professionals must be left to do this job – they must clean every inch! This would prevent anyone from getting injured or sick from different diseases like the flu, colds, etc. After years and years, the dirt is deep enough not to be seen with the naked eye. These particles cause mildew and fungus, which leads to allergies and a more direct or severe lung infection, pneumonia. Fortunately, companies like P and J Cleaning Services provide deep cleaning and post construction cleaning services CT area. 

Did you know that in addition to being dangerous, household dust can contain tiny microbes that may cause illnesses if inhaled? We understand how important this is – after all, it’s your health at risk here, so let us help! Our trained professionals are aware of these little ‘critters’ and will do their best to deep clean everything from air duct cleaning, window washing to what you least expect.

In addition to the dangers that household dust poses, it can also stain your home and make it look more worn out than you think. So let us help you clean up and remove those stains! Our company is known for its professional cleaners who are trained in all kinds of cleaning services. These include post-construction cleaning, carpet cleaning, etc. We do our best not only to get rid of dirt but bacteria as well!

The different types of allergens present in an old or dirty site:

  • Dust mites Lived on dead skin cells, which we shed off every day; this has been proven scientifically.
  • Pet dander/hair Unlike pet fur that sticks on surfaces, this one remains airborne because these are microscopic particles.
  • Pollen Normally outdoors, when we breathe in or touch it
  • Mold Usually on walls and roofs and absorbs into furniture; this can be found anywhere inside the house, even under carpets! 

The whole purpose of choosing professional post-construction cleaners is to help relieve allergies from mild to serious ones most individuals suffer from. Similarly, P and J is not just about cleaning; we also offer other services, including carpet and upholstery cleaning; janitorial cleaning! We don’t stop at just one – there’s more to clean once construction is done!

There are several advantages of post-construction cleanings, such as:

  • Better home value. The real estate market is all about first impressions – good ones! A post-construction cleaning will encourage potential buyers to see your house as worth looking into.
  • Appealing ambiance. A clean house with no odor and no dust can still be inviting for anyone who comes by to visit or live here! These are essential things you should know if you’re planning on selling the place soon; don’t miss out on these opportunities just because your home needs more thorough cleaning after the build-up of dirt, debris, etc.
  • Improve health conditions. Allergens in household dust may cause mildew, fungi, bacteria that we inhale while at home, leading to pneumonia and other diseases, especially to those who are very sensitive. Post-construction cleaning is the best way to avoid this!

With post-construction cleaning services, builders can get their newly constructed site ready for possession. After the construction and renovation crews are gone, one of our staff will get to clean up all interior areas thoroughly. This can include walls, ceilings, floors, doors, and everything else! P and J Cleaning Services can be your partner for home restoration – after all, that’s what it’s all about: the safety and health of everyone in your family or at work… because a happy family makes for a happy life!

P and J Cleaning will assess the site and propose a plan to fit individual needs. Our services mainly include:

  • Appliance Cleaning
  • Brass/Fixture Polishing
  • Dusting
  • Glass/Mirror Cleaning
  • Inside Trash/Debris Disposal
  • Kitchen/Bathroom Sanitation
  • Plastic Sheet/Covering Disposal
  • Scrubbing Floors and Baseboards
  • Stain Removal
  • Tape Removal
  • Tarp Removal
  • Tile/Grout Cleaning
  • Vacuuming
  • Washing All Surfaces
  • Waxing/Buffing Floors
  • Window Cleaning Inside & Out

We have a highly dedicated post-construction cleanup team serving you professionally and efficiently. Our cleaners are trained, professional, and experienced in all aspects of cleaning services. They are dedicated to providing you the best post-construction cleanup service that will exceed your expectations. We are proud of ourselves and our quality workmanship, reliability, and exceptional customer service. Your complete satisfaction is guaranteed with P & J Cleaning Services. Call us today for free estimates!


Carpet Cleaning | Tile/ Grout Cleaning | Upholstery Protection | Water Damage Repair Mold Removal | Hardwood Floor Care | Oriental Rug Care/Repair | Window Tinting (Solar Gard) House Pressure Washing |  

We have the skills and expertise to help you move through each phase of construction with ease. Whether it’s a pre-construction cleaning or your property has simply become too dirty to live in, we’re here for you! The best part is that our professional post construction cleaning services CT includes primary carpet care, tile/grout cleaning, upholstery protection, and more!

Call our customer service agents at (310) 572-5530 to schedule a post-construction cleaning appointment. We’ll get your place cleaned in no time!

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