A Simple Guide To Help You In The Post-Renovation Cleanup Of Your House!

Did you finish renovating your home? All ready to witness the beautiful landscape, but you don’t see anything looking beautiful. Why is it so? Well, renovation is all about revamping your home, and the process produces a lot of dust and dirt. Do not worry; we’ll give a comprehensive post-renovation cleanup guide to help you carry out cleaning tasks.

Why Is Cleaning Necessary After Renovation?

Home renovation can be a tiresome and time-consuming process. You’ve waited all this time to get in and relax in your home, but as soon as you enter, you see dust wherever you could see. You were all ready to invite some guests to your home for a housewarming party, but the messy house took away your chance for now. If you have time, you can take up the cleaning task or let post construction clean-up companies do the job for you. Why is cleaning after renovation necessary? It is a fundamental question to which you will find an answer sooner!

A house needs regular cleaning to minimize the risk of allergies, infections, and other health issues among housemates. After the renovation is complete, many dust particles and unnecessary materials can be lying here and there. To experience a beautiful view of your home, you should keep a few things in mind.

First, you need to delay your relaxing time and focus on post-construction cleanup tasks. It includes vacuuming, wiping, dusting, etc. If you have decided to give it a go, here’s your guide to a post-renovation cleanup.

Post-Renovation Home Cleaning

To carry out any renovation or construction project requires a wide range of equipment and utilities. As most contractors do not provide post-construction cleanup services, there is a lot of mess after the renovation project finishes. Because of this, dust particles reach/hide even in the most unnoticeable parts of your home. Therefore, it becomes imperative to clean your house after the renovation finishes to ensure you live in a clean environment.

How To Do Post-Renovation Cleaning All By Yourself?

Going back to a good old routine shortly after a renovation may be challenging because of the abundance of waste, dust, and dirt. Nevertheless, you can make it easier by following these simple steps.

Below are a few post-renovation cleanup steps for you to follow:


Construction companies follow an excellent habit of covering almost every part of furniture present in your home with plastic covers. Still, some tiny dust particles settle in carpets, ceilings, and upholstery. That’s why you need to begin your cleaning process with vacuuming. Make sure everything is vacuumed, even the minute details. For instance, try looking at the corners of your bathroom, kitchen, and living room; many dust particles must have settled there. Remember to vacuum all these areas and also under your furniture.


A vacuum is an excellent option to get rid of dust and dirt, but it is not an all-rounder. A simple vacuuming session may not be able to remove all of the dust and dirt. Furthermore, some specific places require more than simple vacuuming. Consider the walls in your room, for example. During the renovation, these walls get dirty and dusty. The most effective way of cleaning these walls is with a moist towel.

After cleaning the walls, you can now move to other areas like shelves, worktops, kitchen cabinetry, and other surfaces. Once you are through these, you can shift to floors. Remember floor cleaning must be done at last otherwise, dirt and dust from different surfaces will occupy your cleaned floor.

Filters And Air Vents

Debris and dust mix up with air and get stuck into ventilation systems. It doesn’t matter how small the renovation project was. Fixing filers and air vents are crucial to reducing dust and dirt considerably. Breathing in dirty air can cause respiratory problems and allergies. So, thoroughly clean vent covers and replace the exposed air filters with fresh ones. Hence the air you breathe in must be unpolluted.

Clean Up The Rest

Once you’re done with the above three tasks, you can move on to the other areas. You can start by cleaning any surface like the closet, light fixtures, windows, or other surfaces that suit you. While cleaning, be aware of the cleaning products you are using. Do not use any harsh chemicals and cleansers. Using soapy water and a clean towel for cleaning can also suffice cleaning.


After renovation, cleaning a house is the last thing on everyone’s bucket list. But after you finish the cleaning process, you will get a cozy place to relax. However, not everyone likes to indulge in the tedious job of cleaning. It can even harm your health. So, why not take the help of professional post-construction cleaning services P and J. we’ll take care of all post-renovation cleaning so that when you unlock the door of your home, you get your comfortable and clean place. 

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